Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research

World-Class Faculty

At MIM, the core faculty comprises of distinguished academicians from the best institutions and leading professionals from the corporate world with rich industry experience. MIM faculty members are involved in all domain activities of Research, Consulting, FDP and MDPs. MIM’s excellent student/faculty ratio ensures close, enduring relationships between students and professors.

Director's Message

I welcome you to Musaliar Institute of Management (MIM) and thank you for your interest in us. Technological innovation, the ubiquity of data and digitization are radically transforming human life. This decade will be transformational to business practice, business education and to the society. This new environment entails a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who can work across disciplines to leverage new technologies, advance organizations, reinvent industries, and create better society. Educational institutions especially management institutes have a key transformative role in training the next generation of leaders by providing world-class education and leading-edge curricula to enhance corporate practice, society, and humankind in general. At MIM, our continuous endeavor is to influence and educate the bright, young and talented participants to evolve as ethically strong leaders with concerted agility and adaptability. We have an amazing campus, with lush greenery and picturesque landscape, which is conducive for learning and refreshing for mind. We are a dedicated team, who are enthusiastic to scale up over the next decade to transform MIM to an institute of national repute. Once again I welcome you to take advantage of the great opportunity that this programme offers in developing your leadership skills, potential and talents that will enable you to achieve your lifes purpose.

MiM Research Series

MiM Research series is a journey in this direction. It is a humble attempt to record the way the things are changing in the wake of the pandemic across the global order. It helps the reader to know how various disciplines in the area of management are fast changing to adapt to the new global order. This edited book covers a wide array of subjects such as General Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Commerce and Entrepreneurship. The crisp and lucid approach and conceptual principles in the lines of focused research based writing is sure to help the readers know more in depth about the changes in the new world order.
The first volume of the MiM Research series has been successfully brought out in 2021 August and the second volume is in the pipeline.



Over the years, Executive education has always been an important constituent of the portfolio of offerings at MIM. Providing training for Executives in their chosen domains is as important to the furtherance of management education as is imparting it to the would-be managers. MIM offers Management Development Programs (MDP) designed for managers at all organizational levels who want to develop and/or enhance their understanding and practice of fundamental management principles in the context of today’s challenging environment. The faculty at MIM understands the need of the hour and accordingly designs and offers a wide array of training programmes on contemporary themes belonging to different functional areas of management.

We also offer wide range of Faculty Development Programmes of 2 day to 5 days duration on topics such as Excellence in Research Methodology, The Art of Case writing and Teaching, Data Analytics, Market Research, Business and Financial Modelling, Marketing Analytics, Teaching through Online and more. In addition faculties of MIM are also invited for Guest talks in various National and International conferences and seminars and also serve as resource persons in various technical sessions at various institutions in India.

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